Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Santini Claus kills Rudolph!

It's a cold crisp night. The glow of the moon creates a magical sparkle off the freshly fallen snow. A slight crunch can be heard in the distance as a reindeer curiously makes its way from the thick brush to the edge of a slightly frozen brook. The deer cautiously approaches the running stream, lowers its head and ever so slightly dips its lips into the water for a drink. Suddenly a noise alerts the deer as it quickly raises its head and stands perfectly still. After several minutes the deer relaxes and confidently starts to walk away along a moon lit path. Without warning a leopard lunges from its hiding spot and grabs a hold of the deers neck, snapping it and killing it instantly. Merry Christmas everyone!

Misery Really Loves Company welcomes Jorge Santini, the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico, who woke up yesterday morning and wanted to crawl under a rock after one of the weirdest family Christmas portraits ever taken made its way through the internet faster than a pack of wolves ripping through the carcass of baby seal. Welcome to the new world Jorge, where the eye in the sky is always watching and instantly posting to Yahoo, Facebook & Twitter. Never has one photo haunted children so, as visions of sugar plums have been replaced by a punctured jugular. Good luck with your re-election.


  1. hahaha -- and I'm sure to Nota Bene's point the leopard is thinking, ohhhh you said "tasteful and seasonal" I thought you meant, "tasty and seasoned…. my bad."