Monday, December 19, 2011

Rapper Freddy Gibbs vs. TSA : Who's the bigger idiot'?

The following is a rant. This story is not really what my blog is all about, but it's my blog so let the rant begin.  I'm so tired of reading stories about celebrities who smoke pot and are so narcisstically (not sure if that's a word) open about it. They act like they're untouchable. They mock the law and give the perennial finger to any type of rule or authority.  You would hope that when authority has the chance to knock these jerks down a couple of pegs they would take it, but once again the get overs get over again. In this unbelievable scenario, rapper Freddy Gibbs (who?) decided to pack his bags for a trip and include a nice fat bag of Chronic. Why worry when you're Freddy Gibbs right? :) What kills me is that he was proved right!

How is it possible that the people we depend on to do the right things and keep us reasonably safe while we travel, could look through this idiots baggage, find drugs, and instead of immediately stopping the plane and escorting Mr. Gibbs to a very unpleasant cavity search, instead writes a small note that read 'Cmon' Son and left it in the rappers bag along with the God damn pot! WTF!

That in itself is just plain stupid, but not to be out done, here comes Freddy. I'll see your stupid and raise you unbelievable narcissistic personality disorder. You figure that if that happened to you, you would light your blunt, count your blessings and move on. But no, this guy posts the story on Twitter and even shows a picture of the note along with the pot! Really? Once again the "whatcha gonna do to me" attitude raises its big ugly head and I'm sure nothing will be done. Maybe I'm just jealous because I know that if this happened to me or anyone else reading this blog, unless your Freddy Gibbs, Snoop Dog, Montel Williams, Willie Nelson, Woody Harrelson, etc.., you could queue the sound track to Midnight Express cause we'd be going to jail quicker that you can roll a joint.

Misery Really Loves Company welcomes all the folks who mostly follow the rules, but can never get away with stuff like this. Listen folks, I'm all about the legalization of marijuana, lord knows I've had my share, but until that day comes we all have to have some common sense, C'mon Son! These holier-than-thou idiots must be stopped by the people we employ with our tax dollars. Stop the madness.

As for the TSA, this is not the first time I hear about notes being left in bags. In one instance, a TSA agent left a note in a women's bag that read, "Get your freak on girl", after finding a sex toy in a bag. Who the hell are these people. Do your job and stop leaving love notes! The TSA has run it's course. I'm sure there are good agents that take their job seriously, but all its become is a place for gropers and voyeurs to get their kicks. 9/11 changed airport security forever, but this is just a joke. I'm sure anyone that has been in an airport recently would agree that something else needs to be figured out.

Again, sorry about the rant, but I have to call it like I see it.


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